Q: Is this next question the only one described here?
A: It was a long time, now there are a few more. If you have a question not listed here please contact us at Admin@3DShootMaster.com or if you have any comments!

Q: Why is the Guestbook not working?
A: It wasn't but for 30-03-2007 it's working, if you have time and something to say please feel free to sign.

Q: Will you get a forum in time?
A: Probably we will, planned to introduce it after 3DShootMaster.com goes in RC, due 27-08-2007.

Q: Is 3DShootMaster.com related to 3DShooterLegends @ LegendsWorld.6x.to?
A: Under the section "Collection" you can read the History, if you did, you will find out the founder of this website is also a admin/mod at Legendsworld. Descriptions/Information are being shared and the uploads of the 3DSM Releases are only listed at 3DShooterLegends.