14-04-07 - Upload Added
Now available in the uploads section, ShadowCaster Enhanced CD Version [ISO]!

09-04-07 - 3DSM Collection: Game Index Page
Today I made, with a little help of others, a good overview of the index page for games. It's coded very simple in javascript and probably temporary untill the site is fully coded in php.

09-04-07 - Upload Added
Now available in the uploads section, The Hidden Below [ISO]!

09-04-07 - Uploads Section Done
Yesterday all uploads were re-organized and offline. The section is now done and all uploads are again available to download.

08-04-07 - Upload Added
Now available in the uploads section, LifeFore Tenka [ISO]!

30-03-07 - Guestbook Working!
As the title says it all, the guestbook is working! It's a free to use guestbook from smartgb.com. Whith a huge spam filtering system, so big thanks to them. Please everyone sign the Guestbook!

Also there are a few small changes like the Collection Index page and the 3DSM/3DSL Releases disclaimer. Some good news is we are allmost heading or monthly page hits record of Dec/2006 which had 9,545 by this month with currently 9,006. Soon hopefully will be above 10,000!

26-03-07 - Three Months
Update - After Three Months it was again time. As I'm busy with my study and my leg was/is also broken by an accident, I can finally introduce you the next update, it's only a technical update. So still the database is limited to the first 100 games and with incomplete information, but for this option I addes several different releases to the games. Enjoy and behold the new layout!
And Click Here to see a preview of the 3DSM Collection II!

Project deadlines are:
RC Milestone : 27-08-2007
GOLD Release : 01-01-2008

13-12-06 - 3DSM Collection II - Update & About page
Hello guys, good to see you again, I got a great update for you to enjoy. But first I would like to congratulate my brother with his birthday.

But anyway back to the update again. There is now a nice little about page added and also a big, very long History page about the 3DSM Collection. You can read it under "3DSM Collection" in the navigation menu. And some other very great news, the collection pages are now working and converting right from the 3DSM Collection, check the examples below.

Collection pages examples:
Hovertank 3D
Wolfenstein 3D

01-12-06 - Shout Box & Of The Month
01 Dec. 2006 a perfect date to launch the "Content of the month box", also for the shout box. I've chosen the Wolfenstein 3-D registered version from Europe as I finally got my hands on this rare version a few days ago, click on the image to zoom the picture. This version also included a poster from "upcoming sequel" Spear of Destiny, so it should have been published before SoD. By request I could make a nice picture of it.

29-11-06 - 3DSM Collection II - Update
Not the biggest update ever but for now, the first 100 games are visable incl. covers. Also many release dates are added, some still not correct but anyway it is something at least.

20-11-06 - 3DSM / 3DSL Releases & Cover pics
Again some very small changes, this time I've created the info page for the releases, It's currently not good viewable but the nfo files show up pretty fine. Also I did some 3DSM Collection changes for the online archive, now the cover pics hopefully will show up. The archive can now also be requested in the navigation menu, as some people did request I should.

Last update is dated almost a month ago due some busy days at school, what I do? I study International Game Architecture & Design in Breda, The Netherlands. Soon I will write some more information in the 'About' page, which is currently not online yet.

21-10-06 - Layout Changes
I did some layout changes, the content frame is now 75 pixels wider, it's because of the nfo files, they were 75 pixels wider then I had expected. So I have direcly made a nicer header as you can see above. Uploads are now working

20-10-06 - Affiliates & Navigation
Small update...
Added the affiliates, can however be changed in the future. Navigation also as I don't know for sure how to build the navigation structure yet, but anyway here's the start.

Some good news maybe, a friend of mine is willing to create a good working web structure in PHP, would be very nice as I planned to use some features also in the 3DSM Collection.

PS. Don't forget to scroll down if you want to acces the Archive ;)

15-10-06 - 3DShootMaster.com
Site coming soon...
As you can see the layout is probaly almost done, still had some problems with a news flash. But sure it will all work out by time.
The new 3DSM Collection is on its way, most basic features are working right now most have to be done is to collect info into the database. Currently trying to do it faster by converting from 3DSL.

Here I have compiled an working simple convertion from the Collection II to HTML, but it's realy simple without any features, also note that its made from a 't' version (x.xxt) which stands for an incomplete database. This was one of the first builds from version v.0.3x were the convertion was working.

3DSM Collection II v0.39t Online Archive v0.15
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