About 3DSM/3DSL Releases

1. The 3DSM/3DSL Releases are NOT Warez and should not be related to them.

2. 3DShootMaster.com supports Abandonware, which is also the meaning of the 3DSM/3DSL Releases. With meaning To keep the original medium alive, if you like a game as "play" and not as "collect", you should search and buy the original software.

3. The uploads can be downloaded at LegendsWorld, a site which supports an Abandonware policy to. Or you can obtain a personal account for the uploads section at 3DShootMaster.com, where they are available earlier.

4. Files and Documents may only be distributed complete with each other, repacking may only be done with the split files within. They may not be sold, or used with any commercial project without aprovement by the original supplier.

5. The archives are protected with a password, this will always be 3DShooterLegends. Note: CASE SENSITIVE!

6. Requests have to contact Admin@3DShootMaster.com, or visit the LegendsWorld forums.